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From History to Today Almera Electric

Almera Electric, which started its activities in the electrical materials sector in 2002, presents its products to the use of consumers in domestic and international markets under the Almera brand, relying on its quality. Almera production facilities are in Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu, using today's most advanced automation machines and technology. It continues to work in order to offer the best with its Istanbul office in order to provide better quality service to its customers..

Almera Electricity Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company is one of the reputable establishments of its sector in Turkish markets and successfully represents our country in world markets. As of today, our company, which exports 60% of its production abroad, continues its R&D studies in order to produce its products at world standards.

Almera Electricity Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company TSE, CE,SO 9001:2008 ve ISO 9001:2015 It has the certificates and carries out all mold works from design to processing within its own structure. The basic principle of our company, which is advancing with safer steps every day with its technological investments, is unconditional. Our organization, which has an important share in regional markets, has created a customer potential that is constantly advancing in the world market. With the support of the commercial reputation and experience gained from past experiences, Almera Electricity will continue to progress towards becoming a brand in the sector without compromising.

Modern Modern Switch-Socket Series, Group Socket, Accessories

New Generation, modern switch sockets, group sockets, accessories and fuses that make our lives easier and that we use in our lives are available in different color options...


To Next Generation Production

We produce modern and new generation switches and sockets in our factory.



ISO 9001.2015 ve ISO 9001.2008 We got our certificates to the standards


Technological developments

We follow technological innovations in products and solutions

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